a Bridgely Partner

Bridge-building organizations believe that relationships transform lives, that meaningful connections catalyze restoration and that generosity, done well, promotes flourishing. Bridgely equips such organizations to boldly deliver new levels of impact.

Who We Work With

We seek leaders who believe in the power of intercultural relationships to change lives. Leaders with courage to facilitate intercultural connections and transparency. Leaders involved in international development or churches engaged in intercultural missions are invited to join the Bridgely platform.


Why Join Bridgely

Foster Stronger Connections and Relationships

by connecting your cause communities to one another, empowering ownership, innovation, learning and deeper engagement.

Better Data

with accuracy, in real-time. So your org can always be learning and growing.


by going digital with fundraising, allocation, and communication.

How to Become a Bridgely Partner Organization

Shifting to the Bridgely model can involve making some (positive!) changes. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Connect with us, Get set up, Empower your key community leaders, expand your network, watch your mission thrive

Connect with Us

We want to get to know you, to understand your work and help you decide if Bridgely is right for you.

Get Set-Up

We will develop an implementation plan that fits your timeline and unique needs, and provide basic marketing assets.

Empower Your Key Community Leaders

Access training and coach leaders for supporter mobilization and field facilitation.

Expand Your Network

With simple techniques, you can reach beyond the boundaries of your church, organization, or current sphere of influence.

Watch Your Mission Thrive

Through effective giving methods, dynamic relationships, and expert counsel, your mission will gain greater impact. You’ll see lives transformed by connecting cause communities.

Connect with Us

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