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Bridgely Partner

We network with a diverse range of partners, each with their unique mission and purpose. If you are a ministry leader, we have a place for you.

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I support partners working in other countries.

I lead a ministry to uplift vulnerable people in my community.

What is a Bridgely Cause Community?

Imagine a place where supporters and frontline program facilitators connect directly, increasing transparency, storytelling, generosity, and community among those who uplift a specific cause.

That is a Bridgely Cause Community.

How to Become a Bridgely Partner Organization

Connect with Us

We want to get to know you, to understand your work and help you decide if Bridgely is right for you.

Get Set-Up

We will develop an implementation plan that fits your timeline and unique needs, and provide basic marketing assets.

Empower Your Key Community Leaders

Access training and coach leaders for supporter mobilization and field facilitation.

Expand Your Network

With simple techniques, you can reach beyond the boundaries of your church, organization, or current sphere of influence.

Watch Your Mission Thrive

Through effective giving methods, dynamic relationships, and expert counsel, your mission will gain greater impact. You’ll see lives transformed by connecting cause communities.

Discover the Impact Bridgely Can Bring to Your Ministry