Connecting Purpose-Driven Communities

​​In vulnerable communities across the world, local heroes are leading and equipping others to live out their faith, promote justice, battle poverty, and bring positive change.

We’re creating a way to serve those heroes — a platform connecting communities, leaders, organizations, and supporters to build meaningful relationships and create sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unleash the power of healthy intercultural relationships and effective generosity to break the grip of poverty on a global scale — the poverty in all of us

Our Vision

is to see poverty defeated, generosity unleashed, and lives mutually transformed through healthy intercultural relationships.

We see our generation joyfully adopting a revolutionary approach to development and mission. One rooted in meaningful relationships, decentralizing ownership, and lifting up local-first design. Bridgely will connect us all.

Why Join Bridgely?

The Team Building Bridgely

Scott Todd

“I love connecting people for effective generosity.”

Heather Neely

“Doing more of the same, but 10% better isn’t going to bring an end to extreme poverty. We have to jump curves, by decentralizing, to truly revolutionize poverty alleviation endeavors.”

Erica Henderson
Program Impact & Learning Curator

“I want to connect passionate people with real causes they can impact. I see Bridgely as an opportunity to create a community of problem-solvers, systems-thinkers, and world-changers.”

Meghan Hampson
Innovation Catalyst

“I love the transformation that comes from a deeper and more effective sense of agency.”

Troy Reiber

“Bridgely will increase the amount of funds available for the child, making a huge impact on eradicating extreme poverty. Also, I just geek-out about using state-of-the-art technology for Kingdom purposes!”

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