The future belongs to the bridge builders

When you become a Bridgely partner, your passion to make the world better is at the heart of your Bridgely Community. Bridgely is not about fundraising (yes, it does that too). It’s about life-transforming relationships.

We seek pioneering partners who build bridges across cultures. We seek courageous leaders who want to uplift others, expand the leadership pool, and move from transaction to transformation.

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I support partners working in other countries.

I lead a ministry to uplift vulnerable people in my community.

Locally led, globally connected

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Bridgely unleashes the power of healthy intercultural relationships and effective generosity to support locally led ministries around the world.

Pioneering leaders like you are creating life-transforming relationships, mobilizing new giving, and empowering high-impact ministry by using the Bridgely platform.

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Break the Boundaries

Bridgely is for the millions of vulnerable people who deserve a better world. With Bridgely, you can empower your community to protect the vulnerable, uphold their dignity and give people opportunities to live out their faith.

Bureaucracy limits local ownership, but decentralization empowers people to lead in their context. Instead of controlling and brokering cross-cultural support, Bridgely’s partners courageously facilitate direct relationships, coaching and adding expertise to help all community participants achieve the mission together.

Bridgely creates an environment for intercultural collaboration and generosity

Committed to:


Releasing control introduces risk. The Bridgely platform equips you to create safe environments for communication, no matter how diverse your audience.


The gold standard in transparency will be achieved via technology. Transparency equals accountability and creates intercultural trust. We expect to redefine expectations as we go — and provide our partners confidence at every step.


Leaders from global organizations collaborate on difficult real-world problems that require diverse voices and experiences to solve in expert learning communities.

Experience people-centered design with Bridgley.

Bridgely empowers everyone, from local leaders to supporters in the U.S. and beyond. Through the Bridgely app, each partner experiences healthy, direct communication and easier giving.

Local leaders empowered:

Define our own needs and opportunities and invite support.

Instead of following bureaucratic procedures to receive funding from donor countries.

Supporters empowered:

Connect with, give to, and participate in locally led impact.

Instead of donating in response to marketing appeals.

Organizations empowered:

Increase intercultural connection, effective collaboration and mission impact.

Instead of driving change from the top down.

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