The future belongs to the bridge builders

21st century international nonprofits and mission-engaged churches will grow by mobilizing, connecting and empowering their communities. We’re building the platform to make that possible.

We believe building healthy intercultural relationships can change lives, accelerate innovation, and exponentially expand the leadership pool. We seek pioneering international nonprofits, churches, and cause communities who want to get better at growing change locally.

Cross the Water


The Bridgely system strengthens relationships, connection, learning and resource exchange between communities, without the barriers of bureaucratic processes.


Local ownership creates contextual understanding, empowers communities, and builds sustainable success — and it’s a more efficient and scalable operating principle.

An environment for intercultural connection, collaboration, and generosity

Committed to:


Releasing control introduces risk. The Bridgely platform equips you to create safe environments for communication, no matter how diverse your audience.


The gold standard in transparency will be achieved via technology. Transparency equals accountability and creates intercultural trust. We expect to redefine expectations as we go--and provide our partners confidence at every step.


Bridgely creates the environment for substantial collaboration on difficult problems that require diverse perspectives, learning and expertise–building front line capacities.

Why Bridgely?

Bridgely is for him. And millions of kids like him who deserve a better world. When your community is empowered the vulnerable are protected, opportunities are created and people live out their faith in works of restoration. There will be flourishing in the deserts.

How it works

Bridgely is a platform designed for mission-driven organizations with cross-cultural relationships, providing:

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Learning communities
  • Data Management
  • Fundraising and finance management

Could it work for you?

People-centered design.

Local leaders empowered:

Follow bureaucratic procedures to receive funding from “the West”.

Define our own needs and opportunities and invite support.

Supporters empowered:

Donate in response to marketing appeals

Connect with, give to, and participate in locally-led impact

Organizations empowered:

Drive change from the top-down

Increase intercultural connection, effective collaboration, and mission impact

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