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Pioneer New Opportunities

Millions of us have traveled to other countries to help vulnerable people. We shared a meal with them and admired their faith. We returned, proclaiming, “This changes everything!”

But we didn’t have the right tools to create lasting, healthy relationships with those who we wanted to help.

What If …

There were a way to intentionally continue those relationships, to create a space of belonging where lives transform as healthy intercultural relationships begin, across cultures and economies?

Bridgely makes all this possible, and more.


Bridgely is for courageous leaders like you who want to align your mission with 21st century methods of connection and giving.

Innovation isn’t always easy. Why?

Because change can be slow, roadblocks can occur, and resistance from a few is expected.
As a leader, you’ve probably encountered these snags during change management.

We get it.


Become a pioneering partner
by piloting a Bridgely Cause Community with one local program location, paired with one of your supporter groups*.

*Supporter groups can be a church that supports your ministry or a specific demographic of donors who would be excited to help you pioneer a new approach to engaging them.

Select a cause related to the local program that your community members can support. Leadership training, child sponsorship, WASH initiatives, etc.

Launch and learn what direct local-to-supporter engagement means to your organization.

Create your cause community for genuine connections.


What Bridgely Provides

With Bridgely, you get:

Direct, Tailored Support
Bridgely allows you to customize your support requests and messages to address your specific and immediate needs with ease.

Learning Communities
From the moment you start your journey with Bridgely, you have access to a community of experts who can help you succeed every step of the way — from your application all the way through to launching your community, nourishing it, and growing it.

Expanded Global Reach
With Bridgely, you can connect with partners worldwide who care about your ministry and want to help.

Discover the Impact Bridgely Can Bring to Your Ministry