Connect With Supporters

Share Your Story and Grow Your Ministry

You have hosted visitors from other countries. You saw their passion for your work, their desire to connect with the people they met, and their willingness to support your cause. And then they went home.

You didn’t have the right tools to create lasting, healthy relationships and ongoing support with your visitors.

Now, you do.

Bridgely makes it possible.

We believe it is time for change.

Do you agree?

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Grow Your Ministry With Bridgely

Keeping supporters engaged in your local ministry isn’t easy. Why?

Because you lack access — the opportunity to share your stories, create and promote funding requests, and gain visibility on the global stage.


Create a Cause Community
on Bridgely.

Build relationships
and share your passion.

Tell your story.
Invite supporters to join you and celebrate impact together.

With Bridgely, you can:

Grow and Shape Your Program

We honor your vision. With Bridgely, you have the freedom to grow and shape your ministry’s direction. You’re in control to make decisions that bring sustainable help to your community.

Build Healthy Relationships

Use Bridgely to build meaningful relationships with other leaders, supporters, and partners who are passionate about your cause and can help you bring sustainable solutions to your community.

Save Time and Money

The Bridgely app helps you simplify administrative tasks, eliminates paperwork, streamlines procedures, and automates processes so you can dedicate more time and resources to helping your community rise above their difficult circumstances.

Raise Funds

With Bridgely you can directly connect with your supporters to communicate your needs, raise support, and share inspiring updates with supporters about how their donations were used.

What Bridgely Provides

With Bridgely, you get:

Direct, Tailored Support
Bridgely allows you to customize your support requests and messages to address your specific and immediate needs with ease.

Learning Communities
From the moment you start your journey with Bridgely, you have access to a community of experts who can help you succeed every step of the way — from your application all the way through to launching your community, nourishing it, and growing it.

Expanded Global Reach
With Bridgely, you can connect with partners worldwide who care about your ministry and want to help.

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