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Strengthen and Grow Your Global Ministry

Perhaps you are among the millions of people who have traveled to other countries to serve vulnerable people. You shared meals together and witnessed what God was doing in local communities. You returned feeling like you were on a spiritual mountain top.

But you didn’t have the right tools to keep people engaged. You shared stories from frontline partners to your church, but over time, slow communication and busyness of life made long-term intercultural relationship and discipleship nearly impossible.

What If ...

There were a way to intentionally continue those relationships, to create a space of belonging where lives transform through healthy relationships across cultures and economies?

You could disciple your congregation to connect with missions in their everyday lives?

Bridgely connects your strategic ministry partners around the world in 21st century ways — relational, real, authentic, on mission together, consistently, so you can expand your global impact.

Go beyond trips.


How Bridgely Can Impact Your Global Missions

Bridgely is for courageous leaders like you who want to engage your strategic mission partners and congregation with renewed purpose and intention.

Keeping people engaged in your global mission program isn’t easy. Why?

Because after a group returns from their mission trip, they have busy lives to return to. The excitement, group bonding, and renewed love for missions fades as there’s no easy way to stay involved with the ministry they served or with their fellow team members.


Become a pioneering partner
by piloting a Bridgely Cause Community with one of your global ministry partners.

Invite your church members
to engage with that partner’s local program, praying for them, supporting them — and one another.

Launch and then learn
what direct cross-cultural relationships can do to elevate the dignity of both communities.

Discover the Impact Bridgely Can Bring to Your Ministry